Computer Graphics showcase

In 2005 I joined Future Facilities, still in its infancy then, to build out the Computer Graphics capabilities for the data centre Digital Twin concept (better known at the time as the Virtual Facility). I stayed with the company until 2011 after five exciting years of around 100% annual growth. In 2022 Future Facilities was acquired by Cadence Design Systems, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California.

Below is an animation I created in 2009 blending simulation and site photos of an actual data centre. The process: our engineers went on site to survey the data centre and build a CAD model (using Future Facilities software), and took site photos and measurements. Back in London I then created the animation using the tools I built to generate particle systems (based on simulated air velocity, temperature, pressure), planar plots, virtual cameras and camera interpollation. I did the editing, post-processing and transition effects in Adobe AfterFX, based on the stills I generated with the animation tools I built in-house.

Data Centre "Digital Twin" Walkthrough

Web application credentials

With Single Rulebook that I cofounded in May 2019 I moved into the domain of web applications and Software as a Service.

With the avalanche of financial regulations following the financial crisis and more recently brexit the financial industry reached peak regulatory complexity. Single Rulebook helps financial institutions navigate and master this complexity, improves internal regulatory communication and knowledge management and helps automated workflows by integrating regulations with third party tools.

After being acquired by Kaizen Reporting at the end of 2020, the UX (User Experience) of Single Rulebook was revamped and integrated with the Kaizen Portal.

The most recent projects I delivered as CTO at Single Rulebook:

Below a April 2023 press release announcing the collaboration of Linklaters and Single Rulebook.